dear shishu yadava
home makers interior designers & decorators private limited

i would like to thank you for the wonderful experience reema & i had dealing with you! having to renovate our mumbai apartment and furnish it while living thousands of miles away in another country would have been an almost impossible task for us. although we received numerous wonderful recommendations one is skeptical when one cannot be there to oversee the project.

having come down once before the project began, and then again when it was almost completed and to walk into a beautiful luxurious apartment decorated from top to bottom with fresh flowers to welcome us was an amazing feeling!

you went above and beyond with all the lovely extras and finishing touches that i could never have accomplished on my own even if i was able to be there. your aim was to please, and that indeed you did. whenever i was unsure about something in the apartment you changed it before i could even ask. your taste was impeccable, and your personality made it always a pleasure to deal with you.

thank you for doing such a wonderful job! i am happy to give you a reference should you ever need it.

thank you again for the wonderful experience.

reema & ajay pawar

to whom it may concern:
i am pleased to write this letter of recommendation for mr. shishu yadava of home makers interior designers & decorators private limited at mumbai.

from our initial meeting, mr. shishu had the ability to catch my vision and quickly paint a picture for me of the new interior design for my spacious living area along with four bedrooms, 5 baths, overall 3,000 sq. ft. bungalow. regardless of the complexity of the design, his details were always clear and concise. he handled our project with the greatest of integrity and loyalty. the craftsmanship and quality of our furniture, flooring, and cabinetry was superb.

the uniqueness of the final interior design confirms mr. shishu's tremendous talent, education, and experience he attains to manifest his miraculous designs with and impressive turnaround time. his ability to lead and give insight as needed from a construction phase not originally in the scope of the project was impeccable. finally, mr. shishu's ability to convey and interpret the interior design budge far exceeded my highest expectations leaving me with the utmost satisfaction of our project.

mr. shishu yadava has made me so pleased with the delivery of his interior design work as well as his keen ability to work with tight schedules, various personalities, and still maintain the highest degree of motivation and enthusiasm. i have already given his as a recommended interior designer to my friends, family, and colleagues as the interior designer to hire: not only in mumbai, but in my home town of jaipur as well.

deepak yadav