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Designing an interior for someone of Non-Residential Indian (NRI) background would depend on their personal preferences, lifestyle, and the overall aesthetic they prefer. Consider incorporating elements that reflect a global or cosmopolitan vibe, integrating cultural touches, and ensuring comfort with practical yet stylish furnishings. Earthy tones and a blend of traditional and modern elements can create a harmonious and welcoming space.

Experience the finest home interior design services tailored exclusively for NRIs with our Dedicated Crew at Home Makers.

Our specialized team is committed to meeting the design needs of our fellow countrymen living abroad, desiring to craft their dream homes or offices in India. At Home Makers, we employ cutting-edge technology to provide interior design solutions that align with our clients’ overseas requirements. Design drawings are seamlessly delivered to you via email in PDF format, and we keep you in the loop on work progress through email updates with digital photography. Despite the challenges of logistics and expenses, we ensure that you not only visualize but truly experience the look and feel of your designed space as per your specifications, even when physically absent.

Home Makers takes pride in having successfully delivered such services to numerous non-resident Indians from Canada, USA, UK, UAE, Singapore, Thailand, Australia, and several European countries.


Our Process:

To kick off the design process, our representatives visit your home or office to gather precise measurements. Subsequently, our design team engages in detailed conference calls to understand your requirements, taste, lifestyle, and design preferences. Once the drawings are meticulously crafted, they are promptly emailed to you in a PDF (Acrobat Reader) file, accompanied by an estimated project cost. Upon freezing the layout, the Home Makers team proceeds to develop the approved plan, complete with furniture sketches and color schemes, ensuring client approval.



As a token of respect, Home Makers does not levy any charges for designing, consultation, or architecture professional fees if we execute the immaculate designs as a turnkey project. We salute the NRIs aiming to rejuvenate their homes in India, fostering a connection with their ancestral roots.

In case Home Makers does not handle the entire project as a turnkey, the designing fees stand at a reasonable $5 per square foot, inclusive of 3D designs. Supervision, an optional service, is available at $10 per square foot of the total usable area and follows a structured charging model across project stages:

  • Preliminary Stage (25%): Site measurement and three alternative layout drawings.

  • Second Stage (25%): Presentation of schematic plans and working drawings.

  • Third Stage (25%): Presentation of 3D drawings, furnishing items, selection of artifacts, and loose items.

During your visit to India, the Home Makers team will efficiently coordinate the selection and purchase of loose ready-made furniture, soft furnishings, and necessary accessories. Your preferences are prioritized, allowing you to procure these items from abroad during your visit.



Balance payments (20%) align with project completion, and the final 5% is collected post-project conclusion. We prioritize transparency and commitment, formalized through an agreement for the design and supervision of your project, with a draft available upon request.

It’s important to note that our fees do not encompass any statutory taxes imposed by the Government of India from time to time. At Home Makers, we are devoted to making your dream home a reality, regardless of your physical presence.


Effective communication Includes:-

  • Live Video Chats. 

  • Phone Calls.

  • Picture updates of the site.

  • Video of site Progress.

  • Daily Supervision report.

Communication Efforts for Execution:-

  • Vendor Management.

  • Payment Coordination.

  • Installation query.

  • Query/complaints of clients.

  • Quality Product Dealing.

  • Material Management.
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