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Vastu, which translates to “house” or one’s place of residence, focuses on creating harmony among the five elements – fire, earth, sky, water, and air in our surroundings. Vastu Shastra, a scientific study of directions, aims to achieve equilibrium by balancing these elements for human well-being. Its guidelines are straightforward and applicable to various constructions, including houses, rooms, temples, commercial complexes, and industries. Vastu Shastra holds significant importance as it opens doors to happiness and prosperity. By tapping into the positive energies of the sun, moon, air, earth, and fire, it seeks to balance these elements, fostering harmony in individuals’ lives. The essence of Vastu Shastra is leading a harmonious life in tune with nature. Imbalances among these five chief elements can lead to agitation, sorrow, failure, poor economic conditions, and other negative outcomes for individuals. Vastu Shastra provides effective solutions to address such issues, suggesting ways to live in harmony with the laws of nature for optimal health, peace, and efficiency. For those interested in designing their own vastu-compliant plan, it offers practical guidance.

  • Entrance should be in the north or east.
  • Boss cabin should be in the southwest.
  • Reception in the northeast is auspicious.
  • Ensure a clutter-free workspace.
  • Staff seating can be in the north or east.
  • Avoid a beam over the boss’s cabin.
  • Keep the center of the office open.
  • Electronic gadgets should be in the southeast.
  • Staff should face north or east while working.
  • Use light colors for office interiors.
  • Main boss cabin should be in the southwest.
  • Desk should face north or east.
  • Ensure proper ventilation.
  • Avoid any beam crossing over the boss’s desk.
  • Keep the cabin clutter-free.
  • The boss should sit at a solid wall.
  • Use light colors for interiors.
  • Decorate the cabin with positive symbols.
  • Plants can be placed
  • Use light colors like white, yellow, blue, or green for a peaceful living room in the southwest.
  • Soft pink and orange are suitable kitchen colors, avoiding black and red.
  • Light colors like pink, cream, or off-white are recommended for bedrooms in the southwest.
  • Opt for soft pastel shades for the kid’s room to create a cheerful environment.
  • In washrooms, light colors are preferable for a fresh and clean ambiance.
  • Choose light colors for office interiors to promote a vibrant and positive atmosphere.
  • Square or rectangular plots are considered auspicious for residential constructions.* 
  • Avoid irregular-shaped plots for harmonious energy flow.
  • Northeast-facing plots are generally favorable.
  • Maintain a slope from southwest to northeast for proper water drainage.
  • Construct the main entrance in the north or east for positive energy.
  • Avoid buying plots near cemeteries or places of worship for better vastu alignment.
  • Ensure the plot is free from clutter and obstacles.
  • For Betterment In Health, Wealth, Relationships And In All Such Aspects, Feng Shui Is Kept At Home In The Direction And Position Which Suits You. It Creates A Flow Of Energy And Finds Proper Balance In The Surroundings Of Your Life. It Should Be So Placed That The Energies Created By Its Presence Brings Name, Fame And Prosperity In Your Life.
  • One Can Never Be An Expert Overnight, So You Must Understand The Basic Feng Shui Before Implementing It In Your Home. There Are Some Quick Tips Which Act As Basics And Help You Attract The Positive Energies Of The Surroundings.

These Are As Follows:

1.Before Entering The Home, This Should Be Kept In Mind That The Main Door Remains Free And Clean. The Shoes And Slippers Should Be Kept Away From The Main Gate And There Should Be A Source Of Proper Ventilation.

2.It Should Be Taken Care That The House Is Cluster Free And Air Can Pass Through The Corridors Are Sound Rooms Without Obstructions. The House Should Not Be Kept Messy.

3.The South East Corner Of Every Room In Your Home Is The Direction Of Wealth So You Must Find The South East Corner Of Every Room, Bathroom, Store Etc, If Any, And Spend Most Of Your Time Here.

4.There Should Not Be Any Mirrors In Front Of Or At The Sides Of Your Bed In Your Bedroom As They Are Considered To Be Inviting A Third Party.

5.Never Place The Furniture With Their Back Towards The Main Door. An Indoor Water Source Such As A Small Fountain Is Considered To Be A Source Of Good Energies.

6.The Dark Corners Of The Home Should Be Enlightened As They Contain The Most Negative Energies. If You Can’t Put A Source Of Light In Such Areas, Try Planting There.

7.The Children Must Not Sleep On The Floor As This Brings Negative Effect On Their Health.

8.The Television Should Not Be Placed In The Bedroom And If It Is, It Must Be Covered With A Plastic Cover.

9.It Should Be Made Sure That There Is Proper Ventilation; The Windows Of This Room Must Be Opened Daily For, At Least As Much As 20 Minutes.

10.This Should Also Be Taken Care That You Are Not Concentrating Too Much Energy In One Direction Or Area Of Your Home As The Energy Should Spread Throughout.

These Healthy Tips Can Do Too Much For The Amelioration Of Your Home. Always Remember To Keep The Place Where You Spend Most Of You Time Tidy.

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  • Place the living room in the east or north for morning sunlight and positive vibrations.
  • The door should be in the north or east.
  • Use square or rectangle-shaped furniture and avoid a heavy chandelier at the center.
  • Southern and western corners are suitable for furniture placement.
  • Keep the telephone in the southeast and other electrical appliances (except TV) in the southeast.
  • Sofa placement is ideal in the south, avoiding L-shaped sofas.
  • TV can be placed in the east or north.
  • Showcase cum almirah can be in the southeast corner.
  • Stuffed animals should be in the southwest corner.
  • Cooler or AC should be in the west or north.
  • Head of the house and spouse should sit in the southwest facing east or northeast.
  • Guests should be seated in the northwest or southeast facing southern or western directions.
  • Display pictures of water bodies in the north to east for good fortune.
  • Choose light colors for walls and opt for square, rectangle, and round shapes for the center table.
  • Ensure more open space in the northern and eastern corners.
  • Ideal locations are southeast or alternatively, northwest.
  • Avoid the northeast, mid-north, mid-west, southwest, mid-south, and center of the house.
  • Cooking platform should not touch the eastern or northern wall.
  • face east while cooking.
  • Stove should not be visible from the outside.
  • Maintain maximum distance between cooking hob and sink.
  • Kitchen sink should be in the northeast and the dishwasher in the northwest.
  • Drinking water should be in the northeast.
  • Big windows on the eastern/northern side and smaller ones on the western/southern wall.
  • Slope of the water flow should be from southwest towards northeast.
  • Place the cylinder in the southeast and the refrigerator in the southwest.
  • Fit exhaust fans on the eastern walls in the southeast.
  • Microwave should be in the southeast.
  • Use northeast side cabinets for light storage.
  • Opt for elaborate built-in storage units for a clean look.
  • Master bedroom should be in the southwest for heaviness and ideal for the head of the house.
  • While placing the bed, ensure the occupant sleeps with head pointing towards the south.
  • Southwest is not suitable for children, guests, or servant rooms.
  • Sleep with head towards south, east, or west, never in the north.
  • Avoid any beam crossing over the bed.
  • Bed should be on the south wall, or if not, keep it at least 4 feet away from the walls.
  • Heavy almirah should be on the south/west walls.
  • Place a bookshelf in the west or southwest corner.
  • Use wood for bed construction, avoid wrought iron.
  • Square or rectangle shaped bedrooms are ideal.
  • Bedroom door should open at least ninety degrees.
  • Keep electronic gadgets away from the bed.
  • No mirror in front of the bed.
  • Regular-shaped bed is recommended.
  • Avoid clutter under the bed.
  • Children’s room should be in the northwest or west.
  • Their bed can be placed in the south, west, or northwest corner.
  • Avoid any sharp-edged furniture in their room.
  • The study table should face east or north.
  • Colors should be light and soothing. 
  • Display images of nature and positivity.
  •  Keep the room clutter-free.
  •  The bed should not be under a beam.
  •  Choose a regular-shaped bed.
  • Ensure proper lighting and ventilation.
  • West or northwest is suitable for a bathroom.
  • Avoid northeast and southwest directions.
  • Place the bathroom fittings in the north or east.
  • Keep the geyser in the southeast.
  • The mirror should be on the north or east wall.
  • Use light colors for the walls.
  • Ensure proper ventilation in the bathroom.
  • Fix the exhaust fan in the east.
  • Keep the door of the bathroom closed.
  • Avoid placing a mirror in front of the toilet.
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