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Home Makers Interior Designers And Decorators Private Limited set foot in the world of interiors more than thirty years ago and has made quite a noticeable mark since then. With more than 1300 turnkey projects completed beautifully and successfully Pan India, we are proud to be the top interior designers in Mumbai and in the list of five best interior decorators in India.

We also excel in Vaastu compliant floor plans and 3D designing. We have passed on more than 3000 designs so far with our state-of-the-art designing team. From mini residential apartments to huge mansions, from small office cabins to large corporate buildings, from motels to renowned hotel chains, we are the interior design firms in Mumbai who have made it all. We specialize in total turnkey projects but it all starts with designing first.

Our furniture is customized on-site according to our client’s tastes and requirements. We provide a lifetime warranty on our entire furniture with our much-talked-about after-sales services to cater to any damages after installation, which, till date, are almost negligible; Thanks to our craftsmen and their remarkable skills that are always just one call away.

Home Makers Interior has recently set up their sister company, HMI Furniture Factory Private Limited, which is a large-scale furniture factory, where furniture for a 2 BHK house can be made within a matter of maximum of two weeks!! The quality will be the same as the famed on-site furniture that we have been making since three decades, but delivery will be much faster than the usual six weeks time frame for a 2 BHK, and the profit margin will also be better for the clients. With the craftsmen’s labor costs cutting down and material wastage being reduced too, it’s a win-win situation for both parties. Also, the designs will remain to be countless in every sector of furniture, be it sofa, bed, wardrobe, etc., to match each and every clients’ preferences. Home Makers’ first and foremost priority will always be our valued clients.

When it comes to quality, we only use top-notch and the best, nothing else. All our projects till date have been conceptualized using only the best materials in the market. We never settle with basic and use only the best brands available in the industry, hence we are the best interior designs firms in Mumbai and Pan India. For any furniture commodity, or furnishings like curtains, lighting, etc., we are known as the only interior design firm in Mumbai, which, no matter what, uses only the top brands and the best ones. This is another reason for us providing a lifetime warranty on our entire furniture — no questions asked.

Contemporary, eclectic, minimalist, Hollywood glam, modern, urban, traditional/classic, country style, shabby chic, vintage, art deco, bohemian, Scandinavian, rustic… Name the theme and we have a design for each of it. We love a blend of minimalist and modern but we also love to experiment with different themes and create a beautiful, truly designer home. Being the top interior designers in Mumbai, we have artists who make custom handmade paintings, artifacts, and much more to go with the particular theme and concept of the house.

Each of our designs has its own unique aesthetic and feel. We have a strong hatred towards plagiarism and go against the practice of the same. None of our designs carry the same look, the same furniture, not even the same bed. These habits are what maintain our name under the best interior design firms in Mumbai and all over India.

We believe that the entrance should be appealing as it serves as an intro to the rest of the story, which is your home. Our designer entrances come with multiple designs to choose from so that you can decide how your story starts. You can select from the n number of options that we have.

The same goes for our balconies with lovely swings, hanging plants, and toughened glass fencing for an infinite scenic view of the city; we like to create a mini rooftop garden kind of feeling with our balconies.

We are proud to say that Home Makers Interior is the first in the industry to introduce an IP Surveillance Camera, a revolutionary technology through which you can see the live work in progress of your site on your device from anywhere in the world. This means that you don’t need to take the hassle of visiting the site every day to see the work going on. You can relax and take the much-needed vacation and see the work on your device, anytime. Also, we are the first in the interior industry to provide EMI optionsabsolutely 0% Interest on 12/24/36 EMI. So you don’t have to look for other interior design firms in Mumbai when we are providing flexible EMI schemes for your dream home!!

We are the interior design firms in Mumbai that have established phenomenal introductions and marvelous changes in the wonderful world of interiors. We were also featured in India’s most renowned and top interior magazine, Interior Exterior. One of our proudest accomplishments till date has been published in the magazine, and we humbly like to flaunt it off. A 3 BHK, 1100 sq.ft carpet ultra-luxury home with a stunning gold themed living room, different themes in each bedroom to suit the family’s variational tastes, a minimalist white kitchen, beautiful balconies adorned with glass railing & hanging plant pots in each of them, and relaxing washrooms to get the most of their personal time. This project defines practicality with pure luxury. You can check it out by clicking here.

Home Makers Interior is one of the few interior design firms in Mumbai that likes to stay connected to its Indian roots, hence we still practice Vaastu in our 2D Floor plans, wall elevations, and 3D designs. We believe that apart from interior designing and decoration, Vaastu also plays an important role in keeping the home beautiful, healthy, and full of positive vibes. It’s the right placement of furniture and decor units, the selection of color palette, the correctional direction of entrances, and a lot more that contributes to correct Vaastu planning and hence, a fruitful environment in the home. It also depends on the facing of the cook while cooking, the direction in which the headrests while sleeping, placement of the mandir, the facing of the children while they are on the study table or while a person is working from home due to the current situation on the study; Vaastu is a big deal and a large number of factors depend on it for the perfect planning. Due to this, our designers pay detailed attention to Vaastu as well when designing the Home Makers’ signature ‘Dream Home’.

Now that Mandirs are mentioned, they are also designed keeping in mind our esteemed clients’ beliefs and practices. We usually make Mandirs out of Corian as the maintenance of this material is negligible, that is, easily washable when needed, which is only once in a while. The innumerable designs that can be laser cut or carved in Corian are divine. We frolic with holy symbols like classic Om, swastika, and anything that our client desires. We have even carved deity figures and outlines for a more celestial feel. With storage provided right underneath the Mandir, we prove time and again that not only are our designs out of the world but also why we are the top interior designers in Mumbai whose designs are magnificent as well as conventional.

Aesthetics, practicality, beautification… These are some of our mantras that we follow while designing and executing a project. Each project holds a special place in our hearts and we take the uttermost care of even the most minute details. Each and every furniture unit, material selection for the same, fabric of curtains and furnishings, top finishes, kitchen units, bathroom fittings, be it anything at all, we pay attention to each of it to see that you get premium, top quality work of high-end level with uttermost luxury and that nothing is of basic level.

Home Makers Interior Designers And Decorators’ team is gratified to be called and be included in the best interior design firms in Mumbai and also the top interior designers in Mumbai and in India. It doesn’t matter if you are a huge personality or a commoner, every client of ours is treated no different than the other, and that is with all due respect. We strive to convert every house that is handed over to us with complete trust into ‘A Dream Home’ and that is our motto which we always stand by. Your faith and confidence in us are what made us the top interior designers in Mumbai and we are highly grateful and obliged. We are the one and only Home Makers Interior Designers And Decorators Private Limited.

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